Welcome to Optimalhealthwriters.com!

I am Clare, from West Africa. I own this beautiful website.
I am a seasoned freelance writer on health, fitness, and nutrition. I have a passion for researching and writing on health matters.

I deeply appreciate the benefits of evidence-based health contents as I was once a victim of derailed health condition but today, I thrive in optimal health.

My goal is to create awareness on how to stay in optimal health by providing evidence-based writing services on health, nutrition, and fitness.

I got few academic degrees; B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD, and I’ve got some skills in addition. I use some of these awesome skills to deliver excellent writing services to my clients.

When Clare is not reading or writing, she enjoys listening to cool reggae music, and dances joyfully to the tone of the music.

Though I do a lot of jogging, my most enjoyable form of exercise is kick-boxing.
I enjoy eating whole red rice with lots of green vegetables!

I enjoy taking holiday trips to different countries but I feel more at home in some European countries especially Italy (Rome in particular).

Now, let’s talk! Do not hesitate to contact me for evidence-based writing services on health, nutrition, and fitness via the form below: