Beat The Risks Of Low Testosterone Therapy With These Four First-Line Strategies Proven By Experts


According to the Harvard Medical School, medical experts are disturbed about the dangers of using low testosterone therapy as currently, a significant size of the American society is on low testosterone therapy. They are of the opinion that the currently reported minimal side effects could add up to more serious dangers after a long period of use. This implies that the safety of low testosterone therapy isn’t clear yet.

Fact is that low testosterone therapy can relatively boost testosterone level pretty fast, but before you take a dive, leave all the marketing hype and consider the associated risks of using low testosterone therapy.

Some of the currently reported risks associated to using low testosterone therapy are: raised blood clot, stroke, enlarged breast size, sleep disorders, hair loss, acne, water retention….cardiac arrest.

Another undesirable effect of this treatment option is that you’ve got to be perpetually dependent on it, and would have to avoid every other family member when using the gel for treatment. The skin gels could lead to undesirable effects on anyone that comes in contact with the user within the first two hours of slathering it on the skin.

Besides the above mentioned risks, the correlation to prostrate cancer is yet to be cleared also.

This article presents four first-line strategies proven to boost your testosterone level naturally. Let’s explore them together:



If you’re stressed, your body reacts in a negative way because of the hormones that are released into your body; cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine. High level of cortisol predisposes you to overweight, obesity, high blood pressure, too much visceral fat, and a host of other illnesses.

This happens because you will start craving all kinds of foods including junks, and you will also lack the zeal to exercise. Studies have shown that elevated cortisol plummets testosterone level, it practically shuts down the secretion of testosterone.

This may just be the one reason you’re not secreting enough testosterone. Seek out ways to manage your stress level and watch your body secret enough testosterone. One of the major ways you can deal with stress is to have and maintain a positive mindset towards life in general. Don’t postpone important job contracts because you want to hang out with friends, or just lazying around as this usually leads to clashing obligations. When you have a lot of jobs on your table with fast approaching deadlines, your stress level usually goes up as you struggle to meet up with deadlines.



Don’t spend the whole night in that club, go home and have a deep sleep.

when you’re struggling with low testosterone, good night-sleep becomes indispensable.

Testosterone production takes place mostly at night when you’re deeply asleep. Sleep deprivation can impact your mental and physical health negatively. When you’re not getting enough sleep, you will lack the energy to perform your tasks optimally. You might even battle depressive moods, unnecessary anger, and would’ve become more aggressive at any slightest provocation…it just dis-stabilizes you both internally and externally.

Sleep for at least eight good hours every night but if you’re finding it difficult to sleep, it could be you’ve stressed so much recently. It’s one of the reasons I warned against stress earlier. If possible, expose your body mildly to sunlight during the day as studies have shown it helps, take warm bath, if you’re the type that likes music, turn on that gentle track, good supplements containing chelated magnesium  can help also as magnesium calms your nerves.

Human studies have proved that quality night-sleep improves testosterone level. A particular study showed that men who slept longer during the night had higher testosterone level than those who were sleep-deprived. So, sleep well enough because lack of sleep may just be the reason for your low testosterone level.



The benefits of physical exercise are enormous. Good enough that studies have proved you can boost your testosterone level through exercise. Physical exercise increases blood flow therefore, it will help you kick-start the secretion of testosterone. It enhances your mood and reduces your stress level too.

So, if you’ve not been active in your life, this is the time to get up and get moving… but don’t go overboard. If you can’t run, jog, swim, or play football, you can dance, stroll or take a long walk. You must engage your body in some kind of physical exercises. If you can’t exercise alone, go to the gym. In the gym, you’ll get to meet expert trainers who will guide you according to your desires, and it’s usually fun when you’re exercising among other people.

Do exercises that work a wider network of muscles as they have been proven to boost testosterone level more than other forms of exercise. Lifting moderate weight, both in short and long term have been proven by some studies to boost testosterone level. Weight-lifting and high-impact interval training are just what will do it faster for you. Any form of exercise will help, the most important thing is that you’re actively engaging your body.



Don’t run that giant and complex machine on low diesel…I guess you don’t want an engine breakdown.

Did you know your body is a complex machine? How do you want to achieve optimal health, and improved testosterone level on calorie deficit? Don’t restrict your calories when struggling with low testosterone.

When you eat the right kind of foods in proper portion sizes, it will not only optimize your testosterone level, you’re getting long term overall health benefits also. That said, if you’re a complete vegetarian, it’s time to review your food regimen. Include more carbs, proteins, and fats into your meal plan.

Note that you’ve got to pay attention to your fat intake as impressive studies have shown that fats taken in the right amounts boost testosterone level. A certain study showed that diets that consisted 40% of fat significantly improved testosterone concentrations than diets that consisted of 20% fat or less. So, don’t throw away that fat but remember, moderation is the key. There are good and bad fats, go for the good ones like olive oil, coconut oil… don’t go overboard ingesting all kinds of fat to avoid counteractive effect. Too much visceral fat will sponge away your testosterone.

In conclusion, many low testosterone cases aren’t complicated as such that the above strategies can’t fix. Just because there aren’t enough television adverts on them doesn’t mean they aren’t as effective.

They have been proven in several human studies to boost testosterone levels even in isolation…think of when you bring all their forces together. Your benefits won’t only be improved testosterone level, you will also get other invaluable health benefits. All you need is to review and adjust your lifestyle according to the above discussion.

This won’t cost you money, and your potential risks of low testosterone therapy would’ve been averted. After implementing the above strategies, and your problem persists, then, consider going for low testosterone therapy. Whatever, you get to discuss with your healthcare provider about any new health decision. Depending on your health history, your doctor may opt for low testosterone therapy or strongly advises you against it’s use.


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